Large Commercial Heated and Regular Garages

Our Clay Facility, located at 4600 Weller Canning Road, Clay, NY 13041, offers large heated and unheated garages, ideal for luxury RVs, Motorhomes, Boats, and Vehicles.


  • Large spaces, roughly 15’ X 40’ and larger (400 SQFT - 1400 SQFT)
  • Man-door and garage door access
  • Garage door dimensions 12’W X 14’H
  • Spray foam insulation (heated spaces only)
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Remote controlled garage door access
  • Electrical receptacles
  • Shop lighting
  • Gated access, fenced, and 24/7 digital surveillance

Luxury RV Benefits:

  • No need to winterize and de-winterize (heated spaces only)
  • Keeps out of harmful UV sunlight which can degrade roofs, seals, and color
  • Allows for a comfortable workspace for maintenance of motorhome/RV
  • Trickle charge batteries for increasing battery longevity
  • Prevents water damage by keeping out of the rain/snow
  • Increase longevity of shocks/springs by not having heavy snow accumulation
  • Increase longevity of tires by not having UV and moisture damage
  • Keep items in a controlled, clean, weather-tight environment
  • Close to RV maintenance/repair shops on Rt. 11 (perfect for yearly state inspections)
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